Flash Fiction, Calvin and Hobbes, Finding Typo's
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Today's excerpts cover recent work to break into the children's books market

Compiled from The Indie Book Publisher - on FlipBoard

Today's excerpts cover recent work to break into the children's books market, as well as covering what you like to write about, and how to find typos in your "finished" works.  A key reference found for building an audience by writing long articles.

Short is sweet: why I love short stories

Learning the art of short stories is a key to breaking into Children's stories – one of the most profitable genres in publishing.

Hawks, butterflies, coasts and footpaths: how nature writing turned to literary gold

Thoreau made most of his money (while still alive) writing about Nature. “Walden” became a hit he never lived to see.

10 Top Websites Authors Don't Even Know They Need

Obvious. Check them out.

‘Calvin and Hobbes’: America’s Most Profound Comic Strip

“In 1985, American newspaper readers met an appalling little boy. He taunted his mother (“Prepare for annihilation, pitiful Earth female”), tormented a classmate by telling her he had brought a “thermos full of phlegm” for lunch and kept a sign on his bedroom door that read “Enter and die.” Millions fell in love with him...”

This strip is worth a study, as the body of his work – for both the artistry and business success. Again, children's stories written for all ages.

Goethe on the Psychology of Color and Emotion

Use this in your cover design and critiquing.

12 Super Short Stories You Can Read In A Flash

Interestingly, this gives you training for children's stories – which are supposed to be about 500 words long, while Flash Fiction tops out at 1,000. (I'll be starting a FlipBoard magazine just for these...)

Top Five Ways to Catch Typos and Errors in Your Own Writing

Tips and tricks to finding those little buggers...

Self Publishing Is Not Spelt K.I.N.D.L.E.

I've written about this before – over and over. The world doesn't begin and end with Kindle. In fact, you'll start making money earlier with the other 5 distributors before anything on Amazon breaks loose. Practically, they are the graveyard of authors, as more books die there than anywhere else.

Twenty Sites Recommended For Self Publishing Photographers and Photo Book Lovers

Great list. Meanwhile, note that Lulu.com will publish your photobook and get it out to all the big book distributors. For free.

How I got 6.2 million pageviews and 144,920 followers

Read this. Print it out. Save it to your computer. Study it.
How to get online followers (that can be turned into subscribers and buyers – building an audience.)

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