Why Blogs are no longer "throwaway" content.
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Why Blogs are no longer "throwaway" content.

In the old days, you could pretty much set anything outside and leave it. Similarly, blogs were originally online journals, where you said whatever you wanted - and devil take the hind parts.

Now, with the amount of scrutiny Google is giving to blogs (and the amount of authority they can generate) it makes little sense to do nothing except routinely craft excellent articles.

This is coming about as I prepare to move to Rainmaker. (Don't worry, I'll still syndicate content here and my other blogs.)

I started doing podcasts over at SelfPublishEbook blog. It was then I noticed that in order to not produce boring podcasts, I had to write better. And the sheer amount of work it takes to get podcasts (let alone videos) done meant to me that I needed to restudy my Copywriting basics to produce content that was not just useful (all my stuff is that, except for the occasional rant - which is cathartic, at least for me) - content had to be fascinating and real infotainment.

That meant also that I needed an outlet for other material, since that blog was now devoted to podcasts and every post would have audio - they would each be recorded.

Simple product reviews and news would have to go elsewhere - luckily for me, I already put this "alternate blog" in place to cover that possibility.

Podcasting updates:

I did a little more research into Podcasting Directories to post to. It was pointed out, and I agree with the premise, that Podcasting is much like book marketing, where the "Big 5" do not represent all readers - the long tail niche is served by many other directories other than iTunes, Blubrry, MiroGuide, etc.

I included a few others, but left out anyone where you had to send them an email. Being able to simply submit a podcast feed and not have to rely on a personal gatekeeper seemed more professional to me (and the other felt like begging.)

So the list:

Podcast Dir address
iTunes https://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/MZFinance.woa/wa/publishPodcast
Stitcher http://www.stitcher.com/content-providers
Miro http://www.miroguide.com/accounts/login/
doubleTwist http://www.doubletwist.com/contact/
Blubrry http://www.blubrry.com/addpodcast.php
Libsyn http://www.libsyn.com/podcast-source-submit/
Podcast Directory http://www.podcastdirectory.com/submit-your-podcast.html
Digital Podcast http://www.digitalpodcast.com/feeds/new
Plazoo http://www.plazoo.com/en/addrss.asp
Podcastpedia http://podcastpedia.org/how_can_i_help/add_podcast

In this, once you have met iTunes standards, you should be good to go anywhere and everywhere else. Some you have to sign up and have an account (and iTuDon't miss out. Sign up today.
nes you really should have a MAC to get the most out of it, but not a required investment if you don't roll that way. A Mac Mini for $500 isn't a heavy cost, since it can be outfitted with any HDMI monitor and USB keyboard/mouse you already have.

Where marketing and my future books are heading

When I wrap up this current marketing test, that will be the last book I need to produce for book publishing as a subject. 

After that, I'll be utilizing that production line to re-market all the books I've already published, in order of sales or usefulness.

Book marketing, like publishing, is best done in batches.

I have several batches already laid out for this work:
  • Strangest Secret Series - books referenced on that old LP recording.
  • Max Freedom Long's Huna series - all but one are now in the public domain, but have never been published as a single set before.
  • Ley Farming - sustainable farming practices which date back to before World War II
  • Tree Grazing - now called Sylva-pasture, this can be combined with grazing cattle to increase production of beef and fruit/nuts/timber off the same amount of land.
  • Internet Marketing series - mostly PLR books and special reports, these need to be collected into sets and subsets. As well a comprehensive course needs development (as do all of the above) to help people understand and apply this data.
  • Masters of Marketing Classics - around a dozen books by authors who are still known and in demand today.
  • Several series on how to produce children's books
  • Writer's Guide series of classic bestsellers - for study as well as entertainment.
  • And many more, even longer-tail niches.
So you can see that this will keep me more than busy for several years to come. 

Book marketing takes one into media production and away from the strict editing and publishing of books alone. Copyblogger has been instrumental in evolving and expanding my understanding of this area.

It is also why I'm heading to Rainmaker for my own productions. Nothing else will be able to enable me to do all this production and marketing effectively.

- - - -

Hope things are going well with you also.

Make sure you've opted-in to keep updated with all this data as it happens. Subscribers will automatically be given free access my new membership site - which will have all sorts of insider information of how to most effecctively produce your book in every possible format, to every possible distributor.

Don't miss out. Sign up today.

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